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Our AI-driven solution engages readers with captivating tidbits โ€“ creating a new surface area for ads that boost your revenue. Join clients experiencing a surge in reader engagement and amplify your revenue today.


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Our startup enhances reader experiences on your website while boosting your ad revenue.

We curate intriguing tidbits related to your content, capturing your audience’s attention to drive up your ad revenue.

Maximize Reader Engagement

Neuroscience teaches us that the brain craves novelty and relevance. Our AI-powered technology leverages these fundamental principles to ignite your reader’s curiosity. We’ve unlocked the secrets to making your audience stay captivated longer.

Boost Revenue Without Content Overhaul

Our AI-powered solution does the heavy lifting by crafting tidbits from diverse perspectives, such as history, pop culture, science, and more. Then, our software annotates your original content to engage readers as they browse your content.

Double Win: Ad Revenue and Engagement

It’s not just about entertaining your audience; it’s about supercharging your ad revenue. By placing ads within the AI-generated annotations, we create a new surface area for high viewability ads. The result: you earn incremental revenue without disrupting your existing ad partners.

Context is Everything

Our AI doesn’t just skim the surface. It delves deep into your content, analyzing every nook and cranny to understand the context of each article. It’s like having a literary genius on your team, dissecting the essence of your content.

Finding New Perspectives

Our AI identifies interesting and engaging perspectives within your content. Think of it as discovering hidden gems that can enhance a reader’s understanding and appreciation of your original material.

The Art of Annotation

We generate supplementary content, including historical facts, pop culture references, scientific insights, and more. This additional content is seamlessly integrated, annotating a paragraph of your original content via tooltips or in a designated container on your page.

Engage and Explore

As a reader hovers over or near the original content, our supplementary content appears. It’s enticing, it’s engaging, and it beckons the reader to delve deeper into the topic. They can’t resist the allure of discovery.

Automation at Scale

And the best part? All of this unfolds automatically and at scale. No need for manual intervention; our AI does the heavy lifting, ensuring that your website’s engagement soars effortlessly.

Integration is fast and easy.

Add Tag To Your Site

Simply add the BrandWeaver JavaScript tag into your website. The tag is a small piece of code that can be easily added via a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager.

Works Behind the Scenes

Once the tag is in place, our AI algorithms will automatically begin scanning your website’s content to find opportunities to generate engaging supplementary content.

Works Well With Others

Our software is designed to work alongside your existing ad partners, which means you don’t need to rip and replace any of your current monetization strategies.

Pricing Is Simple

Choose from a range of plans designed to cater to publishers of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. We have a solution that fits your unique requirements.


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